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We are excited to introduce our new RaX℠ service line, starting with Cloud based backups and imaging (to see the full compliment, click the links under "RaX℠" in the menu above):



Cloud based File Backup.

  • Backup all the files on your computer, laptop and portable devices.
  • Unlimited number of revisions.
  • Tier 1 data centers with Military grade, triple level encryption and triple redundancy within the datacenter.
  • Pricing for home use, business use and Medical use (HIPAA compliant).


Cloud based bare metal imaging.

  • Licensing per machine for bare metal images with unlimited versioning.
  • Unlimited images can build a constant guard for disaster recovery.
  • Restore images to any system.
  • Same Tier 1 data centers across the globe (12 for backup/images)


Cloud based medical imaging/records backup.

  • Backup your patient records, databases and financial information.
  • Store medical images (x-rays), patient records - any file structure and/or database type.
  • Protect your critical acquisition systems with daily bare metal images
  • Store and protect your entire "digital" practice, indefinitely.


Those are just a few of the benefits of using our RaX℠ backup and image system.  In total CriticalMASS Technologies has a foot print in over 20 data centers across the globe to round out our RaX℠ platform.   We're excited about it and hopefully you will be too!


Visit any of the tabs below to view our other products and services.  If you have any questions or would like a custom quote, contact us or call: 801.955.1692


Network design, implimentation and maintenance. 


From small pier to pier and single server solutions to full rack systems, wiring closets, server rooms, client workstations, peripherals and cabeling infrastructure. We can design, build and maintain your network.


Custom server builds or installation/management of client acquired hardware.


Security and management.


Medical Imaging and Storage

Includes PACS and hosted PACS as well as digital acquisition hardware.


PACS from 500GB to 8TB+ in either a stand alone, client managed or hosted solution.


Hosted, dedicated or shared PACS systems.


Soop Portal℠  - Phoenix℠ 3 (coming soon)


Welcome to the next generation of Soop Portal℠, the free open source virtual community software and content management system. Virtual communities built with Soop Portal℠ software have nearly unlimited possibilities, not the least of which is the potential to change our world for the better by empowering critical discussion, democratic interaction, and collaboration across vast physical boundaries. Therefore, the benefits of the Soop virtual community system are not only to the Soop Portal℠ user community, but also to our planet. We welcome you to Soop and we hope you enjoy your visit!


Soop Portal℠ presents your web community with a broad and rich feature-set which is supported by a friendly and talented development community. Soop Portal web community software is free and includes the following core features and functionality...


Soop Portal℠ Phoenix℠ Beta Release Features...

  • Community discussion forums
  • Secure database driven community polling system
  • Banner management system
  • RSS headline news feed system
  • File & image upload system
  • Administrative & developer documentation management system
  • Menu management system
  • Guestbook feature
  • Email notification system
  • User authentication system with persistent user profiles & preferences
  • Page creator & document content management system
  • News management system
  • Private messenger system
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system
  • Buddy management system
  • Soop is multi-language capable with UTF-8 character encoding for true international left-to-right and right-to-left language support (not supported with MySQL 3.51 ODBC driver)
  • User & group permissions system


Soop Portal℠ Phoenix℠ Features Which Are Under Development...


  • Portal statistic system
  • Live Flash-based chat box
  • Administrative & developer documentation management system
  • Personal calendar management system
  • Skin system to modify the portal appearance
  • Directory management system

The Soop Portal℠ Phoenix℠ Software...


  • Soop Portal℠ is a *FREE* open source software product supported by a friendly and helpful support community
  • Soop Portal℠ Phoenix℠ is written with Classic-ASP, a simpler and straight forward language to modify
  • Soop Portal℠ Phoenix℠ has been developed from the ground up with quality and reliability in mind
  • Soop Portal uses advanced concepts such as class-based design, I/O streams protection against SQL and XSS attacks, and adherence to modern code design patterns
  • Soop Portal℠ is database-driven supporting the MySQL, MSSQL & Microsoft Access databases
  • Soop Phoenix has been designed to be 3rd party developer friendly
  • Soop Phoenix℠ has been designed with an attack-resistant core to provide protection against I/O streams, SQL injection, and XSS attack
  • Soop is CAPTCHA anti-spam technology enabled

Hardware, Software and Custom system builds

Name brand computers for home, home office or office.


Custom builds, component and software sales.


Troubleshooting and repair


Migrations, upgrades and software installation.


Corporate Partners


Corporate Partners offering value added solutions to CriticalMASS Clients


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